WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)​


Members of the Karimadow Borehole Water Users Committee in Tiaty, Baringo County tending to their vegatables grown after ADS-CR rehabilitated and secured the borehole

Water, sanitation and hygiene is a key pillar in the ADS-Central Rift community engagements. To achieve this, the organization has implemented numerous projects aimed at rehabilitating, protecting and establishing strategic water sources for community use. These projects include; rehabilitation, equipping and solarization of strategic boreholes, protection and equipping of natural springs and supporting water harvesting initiatives at household and community level. To increase the sustainability of natural resources, ADS-Central Rift facilitates the establishment of community natural resources management committees such as water management committees. Also, different natural resource management committees are linked with the relevant line ministries and county departments to ensure continuity beyond the project period.