Climate Change and Governance​

ADS-Central Rift strives to respond to climate change and governance by implementing projects that aim at climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, policy and governance advocacy, and awareness raising and education. On climate change mitigation, the organization focuses on promoting renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, implementing sustainable use of natural resources. Further, ADS-Central Rift implements climate change adaptation interventions that aim to build resilience and enhance the capacity of communities and ecosystems to cope with the impacts of climate change. This involves implementing strategies such as developing early warning systems, improving water resource management, enhancing agricultural practices, protecting natural habitats, and implementing climate-resilient infrastructure.

Further, the organization works towards linking communities, farmer groups and individual households with relevant line government agencies such as Meteorological Department, National Drought Management Authority, and different county departments to support them in implementing climate change adaptive approaches in their different livelihood practices.