Livelihood Projects​

ADS-Central Rift implements several livelihood projects that aim at promoting economic empowerment, poverty reduction, gender equality, sustainable development, and community well-being. They provide opportunities for individuals and communities to improve their livelihoods, enhance their resilience, and create a path towards long-term economic stability. To achieve this, ADS-Central Rift focuses on empowering farmers and vulnerable group members to apply sustainable and climate smart agricultural practices such as dryland farming methods, conservation agriculture approaches, and the use environment friendly pest and disease management approaches.

Also, ADS-Central Rift supports vulnerable groups farmers with farm inputs and skills required in sustainable farming. Moreover, the organization has been in the forefront on advocating for environmentally conscious resource utilization of natural resources such as water, forests and land.
Further, ADS-Central Rift indulges in projects that aim at increasing financial literacy and inclusion with the aim of promoting economic empowerment, poverty reduction, risk mitigation, and inclusive growth. They ensure that individuals and communities have access to financial services, knowledge, and resources needed to make informed decisions, improve their financial well-being, and participate fully in the economy.