Gender Justice

Equality and Inclusion is at the heart of our work at ADS-Central Rift. Gender Equality, Diversity, and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) are powerful forces for positive social change. We firmly believe that one of the crucial and emerging elements in development projects is embedding gender equality, diversity and social inclusion in all stages of a project from its design, implementation to evaluation. To this effect, some strategies adopted by the organization include but are not limited to; engagement with diverse key local players to establish sustainable partnerships, conducting gender and social inclusion assessments, implementing targeted interventions, and promoting awareness and understanding of gender principles within the communities we serve.

By mainstreaming gender equality and inclusion, we hope to foster a space in which every individual’s rights and dignity are upheld and their potential is fully realized. Through our projects, ADS-Central Rift seeks to; challenge social norms, break down barriers, and nurture inclusive societies where everyone can thrive.