World Food Day

Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow ADS-Central Rift continues to promote sustainable access to food for all through projects that focus on Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Climate Smart Agriculture Practices such as conservative agriculture among others. We stand in solidarity with other actors focusing on increased food security and access to safe and affordable […]

World AIDs Day

Global solidarity, shared responsibility. ADS-Central Rift continues to advocate for a dignified living for all people affected and infected by HIV and AIDS through its projects that focus on health, nutrition and household economy strengthening. We are also seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals push for reduced HIV infections and promoting dignified lives for […]

World Water Day

Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible ADS-Central Rift is dedicated to ensuring safe and clean water for domestic use. On World Water Day, we emphasize the significance of groundwater and our efforts to develop new water sources, rehabilitate stalled ones, and protect natural sources for sustainable use. Collaborating with local communities and relevant authorities, we establish […]

World Environment Day

As World Environment Day approaches, ADS-Central Rift proudly reaffirms its commitment to protecting and restoring the environment. Through our concerted efforts, we have been planting trees to combat deforestation, promoting regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure food security without harming the planet, and forging partnerships with organizations like Green Anglicans to restore degraded landscapes. […]